Contact lenses, dental .. Advantages and disadvantages and use cases

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Contact lenses, dental ..
Advantages and disadvantages and use cases

Lenses, dental adhesive is a very thin layer composed of porcelain and plastic products
The cosmetic treatment is the only one who can remove it if you want to return to the
The original shape of the teeth.
Lenses, dental adhesive is a very thin layer composed of porcelain and plastic products
The cosmetic treatment is the only one who can remove it if you want to return to the
The original shape of the teeth.
A lot of talk recently about modern ceramic faces of the teeth, known as contact lenses
Lameners, and that meet the wishes of many researchers for solutions to the problems of their teeth and their need
Urgent to get the beautiful smile full of pearls and Snow White.

The contact lenses differ significantly from traditional porcelain veneer, called
Ceramic faces (Veneers).

These two technologies differ in many aspects, we reviewed and compared.

Advantages and disadvantages

The lens is a dental adhesive layer composed of very thin porcelain material
Other plastic of thickness from 0.2 to 0.4 mm, a thickness of lenses eye lenses.
It is a layer covering the tooth without the need to prepare or cold surfaces of the teeth, and
Needs to be installed to any local anesthetic.

They are also used in the coverage of crowns and fillings that change color with the passage of time without
Need to change it if were not associated with any decay or erosion, as well as it represents the treatment
Aesthetic only possible to remove it if you want to return to the original form
Of the teeth.

Contact lenses are made in laboratories and dental companies are global in a number of countries, such as
China and Belgium, these companies has major propaganda campaigns, to promote them at the expense of
Traditional ceramic faces, that you need to carve and prepare the teeth to be covered
And sometimes need to a local anesthetic, which is much thicker than contact lenses.

All of these features impressed the people who made them are looking for this new technology
Believing it is the alternative to cosmetic dentistry, and they already wear contact lenses, like
Lens eyes, are removed whenever they wanted.

The truth is just that, there are many defects not revealed by manufacturers to the general public.
There are many drawbacks to this technique, the most important of which it has not been tested yet and no studies
Scientifically valid confirm what the producers claim that they do not recite a fixed color, and resistance to fracture,
They are made of a mixture of porcelain and plastic material similar to material Alkambozaat
Used in dental fillings, and the existence of such plastic material makes it susceptible to discoloration
And change the color, and the lack of carving teeth lead to an increase in the thickness of the teeth covered.

It is fatal flaws of this technology it is also expensive, as are manufactured in
Special labs, and all he does the dentist is to diagnose the situation and take the impression of the teeth and send
The laboratory specialist, which is manufactured and then forwarded to the doctor for the installed
Of the patient.

Of course, this requires additional time is between four and six weeks, and that the costs of
Laboratory of Finance and alone exceed two thousand euros to lift one, let alone the costs of doctor
Processor, which also range from two thousand to three thousand euros.

Finally, the maintenance of contact lenses is also difficult, as any break or defect in any of the
Lenses can not be repaired locally and sent to the laboratory requires a major change.

Methods of preparation: The doctor
Competent to clean teeth, and then take the impression of the teeth and choosing the right color, and then
Sent to a laboratory specialist who in turn manufacture lenses according to the specifications required
Is required.

And then be re-sent to the doctor, who cleaned the surfaces of the teeth
Phosphoric acid to be covered and then attaching the lenses on the teeth.

Treatment contact lenses What are the appropriate cases for the treatment of contact lenses? The theory of
This technique makes it suitable for many situations, such as tooth-colored or dark
Infected tooth enamel defects in the layer or ivory, or spaces of the earth.

But I think it is too early to say that this technology is the ideal alternative to crust
Traditional cosmetic porcelain, and the reasons as I mentioned earlier due to the high price,
And remote maintenance, and the lack of sufficient studies to prove the stability of color and strength of the material.

But it seems that in front of a bright future if they were to consider the cost and the establishment of plants
And close to many of the doctor, and improve the material manufacturer to make them more consistent in color.

Traditional ceramic faces

The faces Plastic Ceramic
Of the teeth is very much like contact lenses, but they are made of porcelain and require only
To the preparation of the teeth, covering the surface and one or two surfaces of the tooth, so different from crown
Ceramic which covers the entire tooth. It is commonly used to cover the front teeth.

What are the steps of the therapeutic cosmetic dental veneer? Initially the diagnosis is made by
Doctor, and discussion with the patient about the problems of his smile, and what he wants and what he expects of
Treatment, and it calls for the implementation of the edition of the upper and lower teeth.

Among the most important elements of treatment that the patient is interested in completely clean teeth and gums surrounding
, And in some cases may require surgery, the work of the gums before starting the installation.

Session to prepare the teeth:

The doctor injects a local anesthetic and sculpted front tooth surface by 0.5 mm or less from the ivory
Age as needed, and then take the impression of the tooth after preparation, and is sent to any laboratory
Dental specialist for the preparation of cobalt ceramic.

Are on the same day the teeth are covered with a temporary cover until the completion of processing the crust
The final, and in the next visit, the doctor installed the crust using the resin material
(Resin) lenses.

Cosmetic problems, treatment cortex may suffer some of the sensitivity of the teeth resulting from
Process in the cold during the processing of the teeth, may cause gingival inflammation due to an error in a variety
Veneer ceramic or during the preparation process.

May be the faces of the ceramic break, especially when eating solid foods such as carrots or
Nuts are very solid.

Appropriate cases to the faces of ceramic

1. Discoloration of the teeth, which may be for domestic reasons, such as those resulting from the death of nerve
Age or fluorescent spotting caused by exposure to high doses of fluoride in childhood.
The color is also because of the use of certain antibiotics (tetracycline), or
A result of eating colored foods and beverages, smoking, or the result of changing the color of an old charge
In age.
2. Surfaces of the teeth broken and corroded.
3. Some abnormalities and poor regularity of the teeth, preferably the patient’s treatment, porcelain veneers
Instead of the calendar.
4. Bridging the gaps between the teeth simple.

Finally I would like to point out some important facts related to
Ceramic faces:

- Some keen to choose the color of the porcelain veneer is very white and believe he is the best, but
Should be selected to suit the color of the skin around the face and gums, as well as for the form
And size of teeth, the more appropriate and was selected correctly, it gives a smile as soon
To a natural smile.

Therefore, accurate diagnosis and study the condition of the patient and discussed with him is very important to avoid errors
In the treatment.

- The coverage porcelain veneer does not prevent tooth decay resulting from negligence in cleaning the teeth,
Age in that it covered partially and thus the opportunity to decay in the parts that are not covered
More coverage if they are neglected.

- The crust is weaker than ceramic composition of natural tooth, so care must be taken not to bite
On solid objects or the use of teeth in open cans.

- The people who have a deep bite or who rub their teeth during sleep does not
Porcelain veneer advised them it would be to crack and break easily, and sometimes needs
The patient to develop a protective device of the teeth (night guard).

- Must be treated teeth covered with porcelain veneer Kalosinan natural, where you must
Use a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss in cleaning.

- The coverage is Balborslin process is counterproductive because it requires carving the tooth surface, and thus
Can not return to the previous form of the teeth, unlike contact lenses.

- The patient must visit the dentist periodically to check the crust has a Sunni,
Since the age of cosmetic veneer may range from five to ten years for the porcelain material,
It is one to two years of a substance Alkambozaat.

- Do not drift behind the advertising and search for a doctor you trust the Secretary concerned in it.

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